Update for PSD1 manifest under Windows Management Framework 5

Nov 21, 2016 at 8:43 PM
One of our users had an issue where the PSTerminalServices module would not automatically load after Windows Management Framework 5 was loaded. On closer investigation it appears that the PSD1 file affected the auto load of the module. (Renaming PSD1 to .disabled allowed the module to load somewhat).

Knowing absolutely nothing about module manifests (grin) and with a bit of sweat equity I think I figured it out...

I edited : ModuleToProcess = 'PSTerminalServices.psm1' and set to ModuleToProcess = ''. Then I edited NestedModules = "PSTerminalServices.psm1".

All of this I based off the work of: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/heyscriptingguy/2015/08/24/verify-powershell-module-manifests/ and looking at the example of Microsoft .PowerShell.Utility

I hope its right - it works flawlessly now - the functions are available without an Import-Module command. Perhaps it could be incorporated?